INBREC stands for “International Brand & Reputation Community” and is a dedicated forum for senior Brand & Reputation managers of successful and highly respected international corporations and organizations.

INBREC´s purpose is to provide its partcipants a unique network of managers responsible for the Brand & Reputation of leading corporations and organizations, enabling them to exchange their experiences, share their expertise and exclusively learn from peers worldwide.

The ultimate goal of INBREC is to consistently improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of Brand & Reputation Management as well as demonstrably contribute to the success of international corporations and organizations.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the achievement of INBREC´s purpose and goal are (1) that the individual participants of INBREC will be recognized as leaders within and outside their respective corporations and organizations, and (2) that Brand & Reputation Management will be perceived by senior management as a strategic factor for the sustainable success of their respective corporations and organizations – worldwide.